Research Centre News – October 2021

Written by Isabelle Crépeau MLIS, Scientific Information Officer

The YouTube Project on Metastatic Breast Cancer

Women under 40 with advanced metastatic breast cancer (MBC) are an underserved and understudied population. As a result, they turn to social media spaces to learn about their disease and find community, where they might also come across misleading or inaccurate information.
The research team seeks to evaluate the understandability, actionability, and reliability of YouTube videos about young women with MBC. In addition to scoring these characteristics, themes presented in the videos (treatment, reconstruction, fertility, motherhood, the experience of diagnosis, mental health, family relationships, and research) are documented to build a collection of concerns felt by women with MBC.

This work contributes to the knowledge of the experience of living with MBC. It also strengthen our understanding of the social media role – specifically YouTube videos – in disease management and community building.

Research Team

Nina MorenaPhD (c) Communication Studies, McGill University
Dr. Ari MeguerditchianScientific Director, St. Mary’s Research Centre
Diana NguyenResearch Assistant, McGill University
Yitzchok AhisarMedical Student, McGill University
Xena WangMedical Student, McGill University

e-IMPAQc and Metastatic Breast Cancer

The e-IMPAQc team is excited to extend their patient-reported outcome symptom screening and management program to women with metastatic breast cancer. Systematic screening of patients’ symptoms and challenges is a cornerstone of high-quality cancer care, and this project will allow the team to tailor the program for women with metastatic breast cancer. The project, launched on August 27, 2021, aims to recruit 100 patients at St. Mary’s and Lakeshore Hospitals, where the oncology teams are led by Joséphine Lémy-Dantica et Maya Jeanty.

“We are very pleased and excited to be part of this project. It’s an opportunity to really explore the symptoms and needs of metastatic breast cancer patients, especially during the period of the pandemic, [when] their challenges must be heightened.”
– Maya Jeanty, Manager of Oncology Clinic Services, SMHC and LGH

Research Team

Sylvie D. LambertProject and Scientific Lead, St. Mary’s Research Centre
Rosana FariaClinical Lead, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre
Dr. Adrian LanglebenDirector Department of Oncology, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre
Dr. Khashayar EsfahaniMedical Oncologist, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre
Joséphine Lémy-DanticaInterim Coordinator, Kidney Health & Cancer Programs; Nursing Department, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre
Maya JeantyClinical Unit Director for Oncology, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre
Dr. Shereen GhaliHematologist / Oncologist,  Lakeshore General Hospital 
Dr. Najwa BuhlaigaMedical Oncologist, Lakeshore General Hospital 
Alison QuinnNurse, Community Partner, CLSC Benny Farm
Mona MagalhaesResearch Program Manager, St. Mary’s Research Centre
Tracy JordanPatient Partner