Gift Of Life Insurance

For a relatively small cost today, a life insurance gift provides a larger and more lasting gift at a fraction of the ultimate value and will not diminish the value of your estate.

A gift of life insurance can take many forms. You may donate an existing policy or purchase a new one. You may decide to give the Foundation outright ownership of the policy or only name us as the beneficiary.

 You also have the option to receive a tax receipt today or have it to be claimed by your estate so that the tax savings are passed on to your heirs. Let us know if you opt to gift a life insurance policy to St. Mary’s. In recognition of your generous decision, we will list your name in our St. Mary’s Society Booklet as an esteemed member of our Heritage Circle.

 Each option has its own tax benefit particularities. This is why we recommend that you or your advisor contact us before finalizing your transaction with your insurance company. You can do so by contacting Cynda Heward by email or by phone at (514) 734-2694.