Memorial Wall

…a place to honour a loved-one who has passed away.

When donations in memory of a loved one are made, a Memorial Fund is created in the name of that person. When the total of donations made to a Memorial Fund reaches $1,000, the Foundation offers to place a dedicated plaque with the name of that person on St. Mary’s Memorial Wall. As well, your loved one’s name is included in the St. Mary’s Society Booklet.

With its sky changing from yellow to light blue to dark blue, the mural represents the passage of time and embodies the cycle of life. Painted by Montréal artist Rachelle Lapointe, its glorious floral display accurately reflects spirituality and hope within the confines of our multi-faith approach, respecting all cultures and religions.

Plaques have been placed along the wall by families and friends who have lost a loved one and wished to pay them tribute.

To inquire about purchasing a plaque for the Memorial Wall in honour of someone special to you, please contact us at (514) 734-2694 or download and print our donation form below.