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The Power to Make a Difference Lies in your Hands… 

Our 5th floor: In-Patient Cancer 

Care Cancer or an illness does not discriminate; it can affect us at any age, at any stage of our life. And unfortunately, most of us do know someone who is fighting it today.

As you may know, St. Mary’s treats one of the largest cancer patient populations in Montréal. And while we have state-of-the-art facilities in our out-patient cancer care clinic on the 3rd floor – thanks to you – our 5th floor needs your help.

To make the facility more comfortable, to purchase special beds to maintain the patient’s autonomy as long as possible, to provide space and accommodations for family members who care for their loved ones during hard days and long nights.

It is always the right time to make your difference. Donate here. Donate now.

Newly-Renovated ER

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. And there is no better way to bring to you our new and improved ER after 18 months of renovations than through this behind-the-scenes tour. Featuring Dr. Rick Mah, Chief of the Emergency Department and Nancy Coffin, Head Nurse, this video captures all the enhancements in order to provide you with an in-depth viewing of all that has been revamped. A special heartfelt thanks to Hydro-Quebec for their generosity in helping this essential project come to fruition. And to our one-of-a-kind Emergency team, we are honoured to call you our own.

Leading by Example

Meet…Allan and Janice Fainman. They gave a generous donation in memory of his parents – Morris and Bella Fainman – to fund a state-of-the-art Imaging Machine. This innovative and versatile technology, spearheaded by Dr. Goffredo Arena and in the hands of St. Mary’s surgeons, will go a long way of advancing patient care in a wide range of areas.