Can Music Help You Sleep?

Can listening to music at night help older patients sleep while admitted to the Hospital?

St. Mary’s Dr. Julia Chabot and Geriatric Resident Dr. Sophia Mondestin are spearheading a new study to find out.

Not sleeping well is a big issue with admitted patients. Prescribing medication for sleep is not a preferred solution because of the possible side effects. Music could be an ideal non-pharmacological option to help promote sleep.

Dr.’s Chabot and Mondestin are currently recruiting geriatric patients over the next 6 months to participate. The patients are being given a comfortable headband equipped with Bluetooth technology to wear to bed at night. The patients are organized into 3 groups:

  1. Patients who will listen to relaxing music
  2. Patients who will listen to non-instrumental music (nature sounds like rain or waves)
  3. A control group – patients who will not listen to anything

Sleep results are then being collected through smart watches and questionnaires.

St. Mary’s Geriatric Unit Head Nurse on 5 North, Samantha Santilli says this innovative and patient-family centered approach to care is just one of many different projects we are working on to ultimately better serve our clientele.