Message From a Grateful Patient

We love sharing letters from patients who wish to express their gratitude for the special way we care.

I just want to publicly thank the staff of St. Mary’s Surgery Recovery facilities for their truly superb assistance to their patients. Having surgery is a very stressful event and this group’s unbelievable attention, offer to support, kindness and good humour must be seen to be believed.

I was operated on for a cancer related requirement and was quite apprehensive about the procedure. The Recovery group’s attention and help made the process practically painless, even in the assistance of accompanying me to my ride home.

These nurses are, in many cases, retired and came back to support during the pandemic. They, like all the other health related personnel, are overworked, stressed out and tired but you would never know. Their attitude, helpfulness, kindness and smiling faces full of compassion is truly a memorable event in my recovery process.

May they all be blessed.

-Guy Dumouchel