Psychiatry Improving Access to Care

While the pandemic has had adverse effects on Canadians, St. Mary’s Department of Psychiatry has seen a significant increase in general referrals and requests for psychotherapy services have more than doubled. The wait times are crushing with some people waiting between 6 and 24 months to receive vital psychotherapy services.

In response, our Psychiatry department is offering group therapy sessions which can include up to 8 patients at a time. The Giving Resources And Support to our Patients (GRASP) project will not only fundamentally reduce wait times but also play an important role in reducing social isolation and improving quality of life.

The program is being run by St. Mary’s psychologists Dr. Vanessa Delisle and Dr. Marie-Sylvie Bertin.

“The goal first and foremost is to provide access to care in a more timely manner and to screen for those who may need more specialized care… it’s about providing care sooner and more targeted care.”

-Dr. Vanessa Delisle

The GRASP project is generously funded by the St. Mary’s Auxiliary.