Message From a Grateful Patient

We love sharing letters from patients who wish to express their gratitude for the special way we care.

Peter Forton was admitted to St. Mary’s last December for a Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) surgery under the care of Dr. Brian Morris. Following his short stay on 6 North, he felt compelled to write us a wonderful thank you letter for the excellent care he received. Mr. Forton says that every single St. Mary’s staff member who cared for him exuded a sense of caring, responsibility and professional ethics and it was actually a moving experience.

While my stay was short, the quality of care that I received was consistently outstanding and above all, genuinely caring. I have had a number of health challenges in the last couple of years which have required hospitalization at a number of institutions. I joke with my friends that I am in a position to write Trip Advisor reviews on a number of Montréal-area hospitals rating infrastructure, facilities, quality of care (including compassion), and even food quality. St. Mary’s ranks very high on that list in most categories and definitely number one in providing consistently competent and compassionate care.

In the past two years, we have, as a society, faced some of the greatest health challenges our country has ever seen and I know that the pressure on our health systems, institutions, and the dedicated staff, at all levels, who provide care and support, has been enormous. This makes me even more grateful for the experience that I had at St. Mary’s

My thanks and congratulations to you and all of the St. Mary’s staff for your ongoing commitment to provide quality patient care.

-Peter Forton