Words “From The Heart”

Dr. Mathieu Walker, St. Mary’s Chief of Cardiology

St. Mary’s division of cardiology on our Hospital’s 2nd floor is busier than ever!  Since 2013, we have seen a 10% increase in stress tests, a 32% increase in echocardiograms, and a 62% increase in Holter monitoring (heart rhythm monitoring)! 

The Medical Day Center Heart Failure program continues its mission to help reduce admissions for patients with heart failure. Kudos to nurses Cristina Sabelli and Karen Schoohoven who keep the place going.

Tips for the Winter: Don’t hibernate. Make sure you keep active despite the bad weather. Exercise does not need to mean working out at the gym. Walking around the block, taking the stairs when possible, standing instead of sitting – every little effort helps… and go easy on the Valentine’s chocolates!