Our Foundation

Our Mission

To encourage and inspire the active personal involvement of our community, to support and promote the identified priorities of St. Mary’s Hospital Centre as it strives to provide Healthcare on a Human Scale.

Our Values

  • Trust & Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork

St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization that was formed in 1973 with the primary objective to support St. Mary’s Hospital Centre so that it can uphold the highest level of patient and family-centered healthcare to the community.

The community is our cornerstone. The unfaltering support from our donors is our inspiration.

St. Mary’s donors come from every corner of the city and every walk of life. Some give because they were patients and appreciate the quality of the care – Some give because they know someone who has benefited from services – And others understand the importance and necessity of a community hospital.

The Foundation manages and stewards funds to support programs, projects and healthcare professionals for the advancement of our patient care, research and teaching; all to provide Healthcare on a Human Scale at St. Mary’s.

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