St. Mary’s Hospital Centre receives Level 1 Designation from Choosing Wisely Canada

St. Mary’s Hospital Centre is proud to announce it has received Level 1 designation from Choosing Wisely Canada. This designation recognizes an organization’s commitment to improving care by reducing unnecessary testing and treatment of patients. To obtain this attestation, St. Mary’s Hospital Centre committed to five recommendations that are aimed at using hospital resources efficiently.

(left to right): Dr. Bruce Campbell, Associate Chief, Department of Specialized Medicine; Dr. Laura Pilozzi-Edmonds, Attending Nephrologist and Chair of the Clinical Pertinence Committee; Dr. Michael Bonnycastle, Staff Physician, Department of Medicine; Ms. Lynne McVey, President and CEO of the CIUSSS ODIM

In concrete terms, this means a reduction in wait times and fewer delays in treatment for patients, improved care to decrease the risks related to unnecessary testing, and the elimination of non-essential invasive testing.

I am very proud of the work accomplished by the teams at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre, which resulted in this designation, this is part of our CIUSSS’s approach to continuous quality improvement. Our efforts ensure that we are focused on safe, efficient care that eliminates overuse of tests and treatments.

Ms. Lynne McVey, President and CEO of the CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal

This designation is an important step for our CIUSSS. Our role, as physicians at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre is to provide quality care and services to our patients. Receiving the Choosing Wisely Canada designation is part of that approach and we are already working to see how we can support the teams of our CIUSSS to extend the implementation of these best practices to our other hospital centres.

Dr. Laura Pilozzi-Edmonds, Attending Nephrologist and Chair of the Clinical Pertinence Committee

This designation recognizes the efforts made by a working group of clinicians dedicated to proposing quality initiatives for improving services to CIUSSS de l’Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal and St. Mary’s Hospital patients. Those proposals are built on data-based evaluations of clinical practices.