Message From a Grateful Patient

We love sharing letters from patients who wish to express their gratitude for the special way we care.

Thank you Dr. Albers, the surgical team, nurses and physical therapists, the kind deliverers of ice, meals, water, everyone who cared for me. Thank you.

I am grateful to Dr. Albers for the 3 successful replacement surgeries… The fourth and final surgery will be coming up soon and, although looking forward to yet another surgery is challenging, I know that my surgeon and St. Mary’s will get me through. It is a wonderful thing to begin a surgery with complete confidence and trust.

Now when there are so many problems in the health system… we are all grateful this hospital’s staff is able to carry on, never revealing the stress and fatigue that surely must be experienced by many. They are all heroes… my heartfelt thanks to them all at St. Mary’s.

-Margaret Sakow Gover