Security Guard, Cyrille Trolle’s actions speak volumes about St. Mary’s

Cyrille Trolle was only on his second week on the job in St. Mary’s Security Department when he came to the aid of an Emergency patient and his wife in January. Cyrille, who is married to a nurse, recently moved to Montreal from Chaumont, France where he served 20 years in the military. Welcome to the St. Mary’s family Cyrille, our heartfelt thanks for going the extra mile for our patients!

Yesterday I made another visit to the emergency. Not me, this time, but for my husband. Excellent experience! Very quick and efficient. One thing stood out loud and clear. The constant presence of the security guard. This young man came out in the freezing cold with a wheelchair to help me get my husband from the car. By the time I parked and got to emergency he had already put my husband into triage. He pushed him wherever he had to go. And, he did this for anyone who needed assistance. Such a helpful and pleasant young man. His name is Cyrille Trolle. I think that is his last name. He deserves a huge THANK YOU from all the patients he helps…

-Pat McDougall