Our Donors

St. Mary’s donors come from every corner of the city and every walk of life. Some give because they were patients and appreciate the quality of the care they received. Some can be small business owners who have sat at the bedside of a sick family member. Some are corporations who share St. Mary’s vision of Healthcare on a Human Scale and offer their financial support as we strive to always improve the quality of care we offer to our community. Others have been educated and practiced or work at St. Mary’s.  Indeed the St. Mary’s Community is made up of so many wonderful individuals from many areas with different experiences of our Hospital.

Your gift is important to us and is a resounding call of encouragement to those who dedicate themselves each and every day to providing compassionate patient-centered care. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly, a commitment we are proud to uphold, and an honour that never fails to inspire us.

On behalf of all of us at St. Mary’s, we would like to extend our most Heartfelt Thanks to you for your loyal and generous support.